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Chapter 151

January Breakfast - Gerry Hoeffner "The Vanishing Workforce"

  • Tue, January 10, 2023
  • 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Lakeland Country Club 929 Lake Hollingsworth Dr, Lakeland, FL 33803
  • 30


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The Vanishing Workforce

How it is changing the workplace.

In every aspect of our daily life, we see significant changes in the market due to worker shortages. The accepted explanation for the shortage is that it is a continued inconvenience due to COVID. With that explanation comes the logical expectation that the inconvenience will be temporary, and soon we will all return to “normal”.  Regretfully, the demographic statistics do not support that view.  Even if COVID never occurred, we would not have enough bodies to fill the jobs that need to be filled.

The ratio of available workers to open positions has been steadily declining since 2009. Nationally, there are two jobs for every person looking for a job.  In Florida, three openings for every job seeker.  In most states, we could employ every single person who is presently looking for a job and still not have enough workers to meet our needs.

So now what?  If everyone is looking to hire a finite number of bodies, how does it alter how we view the workplace?  What needs to change?

In this program we will discuss:

-          How recruiting is changing

-          How the workplace is changing. 

-          How the relationship between the employer and the employee is changing. 

-          And most importantly, what HR processes need to be reevaluated?


Pronounced “Jeri Hefner”

Gerry Hoeffner has been recognized as one of the most exciting voices in HR.  He has spoken at HR Conferences throughout the world.  And now he has relocated to Polk County.  He is a five-time national award winner for innovations in the field of human resources.  His contributions to the Workforce 2020 program have been featured in HR Magazine. His “Best Places To Work” program, along with the St. Lucie County HR Association was recognized by the Society of Human Resource Management with the National Pinnacle Award in 2002. 

As Founder and President of Personnel Dynamics Consulting, Gerry is a professional organizational change agent who is known for providing real-life solutions to the challenges businesses face every day.  His passion for the study of human behavior and his experience in manufacturing, retail sales, financial services, and as well as the public sector provides a broad spectrum of insight and knowledge to his work.  Gerry is known for his high-energy presentations and his “straight talking” approach to management.  He most recently published an article for HR Florida entitled “The Vanishing Workforce”, which will be the topic of January’s meeting. 



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