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    • Tue, April 13, 2021
    • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (EDT)
    • Lakeland Country Club 929 Lake Hollingsworth Dr, Lakeland, FL 33803
    • 29

    TOPIC:   Dealing with the Hazy Issue of Marijuana in the Workplace

    SPEAKER: Chad Sorenson, President HR Florida State Council and President and Founder of Adaptive HR Solutions.

    HRCI Credits:   1 SHRM and HRCI credit

    Summary: As if changes in the employment laws weren’t enough, now HR professionals have to deal with differing state laws as marijuana legalization becomes widespread across the US. We will look at the impact of medical and recreational marijuana on Drug-Free Workplace policies, the Americans with Disability Act, federal contractors, workers covered under DOT regulations and more.

    Speaker Bio: 

    Chad Sorenson is the President and Founder of Adaptive HR Solutions and has over 25 years of diverse business, communications and human resource experience.  He is also the President of HR Florida State Council.

    He works with companies across the state that range from 5 to 1,200 employees and focuses on leadership development, manager training, employee performance management and employer compliance in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, construction trades, and professional services organizations. Prior to founding Adaptive HR Solutions in 2008, Chad has been Vice President, Director and Manager of Human Resources for several companies in the Jacksonville area.

    He is certified as a SHRM-Senior Certified Professional and a Senior Professional in Human Resources. Chad serves as the 2019-2020 President Elect for the HR Florida State Council. He was also the President of SHRM Jacksonville in 2015 and 2016. Chad regularly speaks to other SHRM Chapters, business associations, and companies across the state on topics such as leadership development and employee engagement.




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